FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Question : What is a Combination Furnace ?

Answer : A Combination Furnace is a VALLEY COMFORT Wood Furnace with either an Electric, Oil, or Gas furnace mated up to it.

Question : OK , how exactly does that work?

Answer : Simply put , the Electric,Oil or Gas Furnace is placed in a Downflow position over an adapter duct which directs it's Air Flow through the wood furnace and then into the duct system.

Question : What happens when my wood runs out?

Answer : The VALLEY COMFORT Wood Combination furnace system is set up so that when the Wood Furnace can no longer generate enough heat to maintain the home at a set temperature, the alternate fueled appliance (Electric, Oil, Gas) is energized and maintains it's preset temperature.

Question : How long will the wood furnace heat my home, I hate to get up in the middle of the night.

Answer : Well that is a very big question. Garbage in equals garbage out. In otherwards if you are going to burn poor QUALITY WOOD you will get the same poor quality performance out of your furnace. If on the other hand you are going to burn good QUALITY WOOD you will get excellent performance. Our MP-80 has been tested with an output of @ 80,000 Btu/hr which we know from experience will keep a nice six to ten hour , keep your whole house (@1,200 Sqft.) warm fire at @ -5 Celsius here in the West Kootenays. We also have a larger furnace called the VC-120 for bigger homes or colder climates.

Question : A friend told me that my house insurance will skyrocket if I put in a wood furnace, is this true?

Answer : No. While some Insurance companies put on a surcharge others do not. We have found that it is best to shop around. All of our units are approved by recognized Testing Labs.

Question : I already have a forced air heating system in my existing house can I install a combination system and use my existing chimney for two appliances?

Answer:  CODE B-365 says 5.2.5 A solid fuel burning appliance shall not be connected to a chimney flue that serves a natural gas or propane fired appliance.Therefore with these you need two flues. Further 5.2.6. states "Only a solid fuel burning appliance certified for use in conjunction with oil burning equipment shall be connected to a venting system serving an oil burning appliance' VALLEY COMFORT MP-80 and our VC-120 may both be hooked up to OIL FURNACES as well they are certified with gas and electricity.

Question : I am building a new house , at what stage should I contact my heating specialist if I am considering having a Wood /Combination Furnace System installed ?

Answer : The best time is when you are drawing up your plans. Consideration must be given to location, mechanical room size, number of flues required, electrical requirements, oil line location, gas line location etc.

Question : We are building a home without a basement, I guess it's impossible for us to put in a Wood/ Combination furnace

Answer : Actually it is very easy, VALLEY COMFORT have an approved DOWNFLOW configuration that solves your problem, however the furnace room must be a minimum size in cubic feet

Question : I am really interested in this type of system for our new home but believe me no one around here has ever heard of one , where do I go?

Answer : Start by writing a letter or E-mailing one to us at KF KOOTENAY FURNACE. We will send you a brochure by snail mail.We ship units all over the west and in some cases even travel to install them ourselves. We also ship complete systems, furnaces and ductwork DESIGNED to fit your home from your plans. If you have a good heating contractor we can supply everything needed including the appropriate chimney's, flue pipes and miscellaneous items needed.to do a complete professional job.

Question : What makes your company KF KOOTENAY FURNACE the place that I should be doing business with?

Answer : We have been in business since 1974 and have for the last14 years specialized in WOOD COMBINATION furnaces. The Owner /Manager Doug Burton is one of very few WETT Certified Master Technicians in Canada that is a Central Systems Specialist.